Hadoop Summit 2015 Sessions

Recordings from Hadoop Summit 2015 sessions are now available! The conference organizers have made session content readily available via the following ways:

To be clear, this content isn’t just available to conference attendees; this is freely available to anyone who’s interested in it. So take a few minutes to learn about what’s new in the Hadoop community and what the tech giants are doing with Hadoop.

Shameless Plug: if you’re wondering what the frilly heck to do with all your data, check out my session on Data Warehousing in Hadoop 🙂

Data Warehousing in Hadoop

The slides from my highly-rated Hadoop Summit 2015 session are now available!

Session: Data Warehousing in Hadoop

Session Abstract

How can we take advantage of the veritable treasure trove of data stored in Hadoop to augment our traditional data warehouses? In this session, Michelle will share her experience with migrating GoDaddy’s data warehouse to Hadoop. She’ll explore how GoDaddy has adapted traditional data warehousing methodologies to work with Hadoop and will share example ETL patterns used by her team. Topics will also include how the integration of structured and unstructured data has exposed new insights, the resulting business impact, and tips for making your own Hadoop migration project more successful.

Session Slides: Slideshare – Data Warehousing in Hadoop

Hadoop Summit 2015
Hadoop Summit 2015

I’ll be honest: I didn’t know what to expect from Hadoop Summit. I’ve been surprised at the lack of overlap between the PASS community that I know so well and dearly love, and this new community of open-source aficionados, data hackers, and Ph.D. data scientists. Would this new community be interested in data warehousing, a topic traditionally — and fallaciously, in my opinion 🙂 — associated with all things BI and relational? Combine this with the fact that I’ve never even attended Hadoop Summit before, and well… this was easily the most nervous I’ve been before a presentation since my first major presentation in 2009. However, all my fears were for naught… the session was packed — clearly, folks are interested in this topic! And judging from the quantity of conversations I had with people afterwards — many of whom are from companies you’d readily recognize, too — this is a topic that is only going to grow.

For those who were unable to attend but are interested in this topic, I have good news! The session recording should also be available online within the next couple of weeks. I’ll post the link once it becomes available. 🙂

Lastly, I typically find the conversations I have with session attendees after presentations to be my favorite part of conferences, and this was no exception. Thank you to everyone who attended and reached out to me afterwards! I met some great people, and I regret not doing a better job of exchanging contact information amidst the chaos of the event. If we connected at Hadoop Summit, let’s connect on LinkedIn too. 🙂